We are visitors on this planet. We are here for one hundred years at the very most. During that period we must try to do something good, something useful, with our lives. if you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true meaning of life

Dalai Lama XIV

Who am I?

I describe myself as a social psychologist and cultural scientist by degree, massage therapist by calling.

I believe in touch, silence, mindfulness (in science too, no doubts!). Being here and now, with touch, understanding and acceptance. And much more. At home I am called Obi One;) Who knows then knows!

Life has taught me that suffering does not ennoble, but simply hurts, torments, drain, tires and takes away energy and willingness to continue.

Pain and suffering, haste, shallow breathing, permanent grimace on the face, pain in the knee, always tense back, lack of joy, smile and a feeling of lightness in the soul is not something to which you should get used to. If you think otherwise, would you tell that the little yourself that this is how he / she is going to spend his life? In pain, suffering and sacrifice?

When for many months I was trying to find motivation for myself to act in a busy world full of duties, in which there was no room for the usual pleasures for the heart, body and soul, and stress and energy exhaustion prevailed, what helped me was different form of therapy with body and psyche.

Osteopathy, cranial-sacral therapy, fascia massage, physiotherapy, yoga, pilates, mindfulness, yoga nidra…

My body began to regenerate, let go of tensions, and more joy and life began to pour into my life. I began to feel healthy. And happy. 

Soon, too, I began to learn many of these techniques to help others feel just as light in their bodies. What I have learned (and I constantly continue to gain more knowledge) allow me to soothe the pain, determine and often eliminate the cause of it. 

Therapies forms I am using deeply relax, allow more vital flow of lymph and blood in your body, which is invaluable in this latitude and gives a sense of being deeper in the body, being more alive.

Today I am a certified massage therapist (Axelson’s institute), certified in Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, yoga nidra teacher and mindfulness instructor with knowledge and interest in stress management, trauma and health pedagogy.

I felt that touch therapy was the missing and integral part of the wellness I could offer. In addition, massage has been so important to my own physical and mental well-being over the years. My greatest sense of satisfaction lies in the potential of body work; from hands on manual therapy to empowerment of conversations. I never get tired of the joy that comes with helping people towards well-being, there is nothing like it! I am also a member of the Body Therapists’ Professional Association and follow ethical guidelines in my professional role.

Because I am social psychologist, cultural scientist and social skills-trainer for children with neuropsychiatric diagnoses, I have understanding for many factors that may cause the emotional and social tension, and result in physical dysfunctions. It is also profound in massage therapist practice, as I know how to hold a space for emotions and feelings followed with the person that comes to me. My intention for you as my Client is to create safe space, atmosphere of softness and calmness and give you the feeling of acceptance, respect and care.

I want to show people that massage can be something more than just a treatment for relieving physical pain and relaxing. Massage can be a tool for transformation, connection, deep healing and bringing peace to the world. And this is my mission. 

Massage is a holistic treatment

The more I massage, the more I understood that it was not just about relaxation and loosening up stiff muscles. Meeting people with the history of depression, PTSD, anxiety, abuse, chronic stress, insomnia, burnout, or just people who felt a bit lost or stuck in life, people who lost hope or motivation, or got out of track and being able how massage let them open up and speak their stories is a privilege. 

The head needs to understand, but the body needs to feel. That is why I work holistically, with both body and consciousness, so change is integrated and anchored both rationally and emotionally. I strongly believe that the source of well-being, balance and harmony lies within ourselves. I work actively with a conscious presence in meetings and treatments to create a safe space where you feel understood and heard, and finally be able to help you find your inner, self-healing powers of your body.

Scientific research shows that the methods I use – from massage therapy to mindfulness and yoga Nidra, not only stimulate natural methods of tissue regeneration and increase the level of lymph and blood flow, stimulate the production of hormones related to the feeling of relaxation, peace, creativity and concentration, and increase the feeling of safety, stimulate the production of collagen in the tissues, and also have a beneficial effect on the regenerative processes of our body. For internal organs, endocrine and immune systems too.

I want to continue working with people who want to cultivate contact with themselves, their body and share the freedom that comes from releasing what is best in us.

If you want to farewell the pain and feel relief, you are looking for deep peace and relaxation, because everyday life does not allow you to do it, if you want to stop masking pain with pills or makeup and get your body used to suffering, I invite you to PHILOSOPHY body & soul.

How do I get to know the client?

Just as I feel at work with myself.

I have experienced many blockages in my body and mind in my life. I am a highly sensitive person, and my sensitivity was for me more then once an obstacle, not a blessing. Each tunnel has a light at its end. When this light is followed, there are often challenges as well as gifts along the way, because each such challenge is a new resource of experience, wisdom, knowledge, acceptance and humility.

Every technique of working with the body that I experienced allowed me to get in better contact with myself, thanks to which I can feel the other person better when I work with her.

I work sensitively, consciously and intuitively so that your body has the opportunity to let go of physical as well as emotional tensions. Through mindfulness, meditation, massage and motivational conversations, I help you increase your health factors and self-compassion in order to release energy and motivation for further changes that increase the quality of life. Well-being or inner peace is a way of life. A PHILOSOPHY. That’s why I chose this name for my business. To share with you my philosophy about life in peace and quiet, balance and harmony.

Take a part of my knowledge and experience

Give yourself more vitality. Relaxation and regeneration. Farewell the pain and suffering.

Allow yourself to revive what is stagnant and painful in body and soul.

Find your inner voice, rhythm and values. Who you are, not what the society that taught you to want, like and believe about you.

In rested, pain-free body, instead of “I have to” or “I should”, there are “I want” and “I choose”. So… do you want?

If you want to get in touch with me, you are warmly welcome to email me at