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There is no need to explain why it makes sense to take care of your employee’s well-being and health. You know it’s important. You yourself are human and know how performance and stress affect your body and psyche. No matter how optimal the environment in your workplace is, your body and senses need to relax and recover. The journey from and to work or the evening with homework does not count as recovery… You know what happens when you overwork yourself and wait with relaxation a little more, and a little more, until… You get sick.

Neither you nor your employees need to end up there.

Massage and meditation in the workplace is the best solution you can invest in. In addition to exercise, it is the type of fitness that is effective and profitable.

The world’s leading company like Google has discovered the power of massage and mindfulness long ago.

My name is Ewa and I am MsC of Social Psychology, BsC of Cultural Studies, Certified Mindfulness instructor, Massage Therapist and yoga Nidra teacher. I can offer you a complex service with massage and mindfulness – a tool that covers both body recovery and mind relaxation.

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