When you close your eyes and try to sit still for a while, what starts to happen inside you? Is it nice and quiet? Do you begin to feel, experience yourself and enjoy, indulge the moment? Or on the contrary, it starts to tingle in your body and you start to feel irritated and restless. You are engaging in all sorts of thoughts that pop into your head. That’s right, it’s the perfect time to analyse a bit about that event from 3 years ago. How could she say that !? I should have said… And so on. 

What happens if the battery in your mobile phone runs out while you are sitting in the waiting room? Do you look at newspapers? Do you analyse, work in your head or put together a new plan because it’s good to be productive and not waste time?

Does it feel familiar?

Why not allow yourself to just be, here and now, fully? Find calmness, serenity, focus and the feeling of belonging in stillness, breathing and unity with reality.

Mindfullness is a process that can help you with that.

There is a lot of research that proves positive influences and changes of regular mindfulness practice. It regulates your reactiveness to stress, improves memory, changes your genes, reduces blood pressure *, enhances the experience of joy and generally the feeling of hope and positive attitude, increases altruism, focus and creativity, reduces anxiety and much much more * .

Some say that mindfulness is a form of meditation. I prefer to say that it is a practice. I can also add that after a certain period of practice, one discovers that it is not meditation but a way of being, a lifestyle. P H I L O S O P H Y. To be present in my life, in making decisions. It is a choice- to consciously choose what I want or do not want to do and be guided by my own, genuine inner voice, or by everything else and everyone else around.

During the session, we work together with various tools, from verbal or written exercises, guided relaxation meditations based on mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) and structured reflection, to conversation coaching and motivational conversation (MI). This 90-minute session is 100% on you and your well-being.

I offer a notebook and a pen, so you can note the insights you think are important during the session.

After each session, you get an exercise to do in your everyday life.


Mindfulness journal coaching

Feel free to email me at philosophy_ekero@hotmail.com and tell me a little about what you would like to achieve with this practice (for example, more focus, more own time, better understanding of who you are, etc.), and I will get a custom- made schedule with exercises and journal reflections to think about created specifically to you. You practice for 21 days and you can also repeat this practice and do it again on your own, every time when it feels like you need to look inside yourself a little more. 


You can always get back to me and I will get a new custom-made practice according to your new needs. It is also possible to continue practicing with the practice you already have, because you will look within yourself with different, already changed conscious, so you will probably see new, deeper layers of your persona.

Mindfullness journal coaching can be booked / purchased via bokadirekt, just like a regular visit.